I want to write.

I want to write. I actually just googled ‘I want to write’ and I’ve been told to get to work and work, apparently, it’s all work, so the two people whose articles I have just read you better be right because I’m working, I’m writing, not too sure on what I’m writing but I’m doing it. I’ve always loved English and English literature, in fact I used to write poetry constantly until, well I don’t know I just stopped. I’d love to write, the sound of the keys is so satisfying and being able to in a way control what happens in what I write is amazing, I’m not going to say it’s like being in control of a different world whilst writing because that would-be cliché and untrue so for now the one reason I’m writing is because the sound of the keys is nice. So, enjoy what comes up because as I am writing this I have absolutely no clue what I shall be writing next. Maybe it will be an article, a review, a collection of my poetry or a genuine novel but as of now I don’t know.

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