Travelling and Coffee

So this is my first post, enjoy 🙂

Travelling is a thing I’m pretty sure nearly everyone wants to do, whether that be staying in your country or to the other side of the world. Me personally, I want to travel the world writing about what I experience and be a journalist all over the world. The idea of being able to travel and write makes me feel all warm and just makes me feel good. My main places I’d love to go to are New York, Amsterdam and Paris probably, sounds cliché but it’s true, they’re the places I’d go to. I’d also like to go to every famous café in every country in the world but that’s most likely gonna break the bank.

Amsterdam sucks me in with it’s beautiful scenery and weed cafes! But in all seriousness, it’s such a stunning place from what I’ve seen in pictures but every place has its dark places which is what I want to find and write about not just all the good stuff ya know. New York is just a writers dream in my opinion, the atmosphere is so bipolar and what I mean by that is it’s noisy and loud but also mysterious and eye opening to me. I find it eye opening because in such a crowded place, there’s so many people with their own stuff going on and it’s so mad to think that. Paris is just a beautiful place really and the opportunities for photographing things is so vast.

Travelling is seen as cliché by some and I am one of those who thinks it’s a teeny tiny bit cliché, but it’s also adventurous and exciting so I let the cliché-ness slide. My one goal is to travel and try famous coffee from the area and write about my thoughts, sights, occurrences, bad and good things about the location and just write in general on how I feel in that place. Of course it’s a very big goal especially for someone without a big budget, though saying that I am only 14 years old so hopefully I have enough time to save up.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed me ramble on! Bye 🙂


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