Travelling and Coffee

So this is my first post, enjoy 🙂 Travelling is a thing I’m pretty sure nearly everyone wants to do, whether that be staying in your country or to the other side of the world. Me personally, I want to travel the world writing about what I experience and be a journalist all over the […]

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Welcome in

Hi there, I’m Milly and welcome to my blog thing, I’ve always wanted to have my own blog, I know only a small amount of people will ever see this but that’s enough for me. This blog will probably be articles about certain topics, rants (maybe), some of my poetry and maybe even advice. I’m […]

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I want to write.

I want to write. I actually just googled ‘I want to write’ and I’ve been told to get to work and work, apparently, it’s all work, so the two people whose articles I have just read you better be right because I’m working, I’m writing, not too sure on what I’m writing but I’m doing […]

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